A List from My Mom

If my mom were alive today, she would tell me the following 30 things:

  1. Drink more water.

  2. Worry less.

  3. Stop complaining about people - even if they do annoy you.

  4. Find more alone time.

  5. Write more.

  6. Say what you want.

  7. Wear what you want, even if you think it makes you look too sexy.

  8. Show people what you write.

  9. Eat good food.  

  10. Drink juice.

  11. No one remembers -- or cares.

  12. You already have so many beautiful clothes.  Anything you wear to [insert event] will be perfect.

  13. You’ll get the job/position/etc.  

  14. People wish they had curves like you!

  15. Don’t stress!

  16. Don’t cry!

  17. But if you despair, think of all the things you have.

  18. Everything will turn out OK.

  19. You don’t live in a bubble - things are going to happen.

  20. Wear the heels even if they make you taller.

  21. People wish they were tall like you.

  22. I couldn’t do that when I was 25 or [insert age].

  23. Clean your house on a Friday night so your weekend is saved.

  24. Spend time with Willow - [insert] years old will be here before you know it.

  25. Let’s get a facial.

  26. Let’s get Thai food.

  27. Let’s watch a movie and make a paddle (pile of blankets yanked from top shelf of closet and compiled in a heap on the floor).

  28. You are smart.

  29. You can do anything you want.

  30. {No words] just a hand squeeze.