Delicate Rush

Mascara on the left eye. Keys in the fridge. Now found. Scraped the bottom shelf of memory for that. Now where's my debit card? Go.

We have to go or we'll be late. Which shoes? Cover the run in pantyhose with clear nail polish. That's the trick. Spray smell-good. You already did? Good. Nice.

It's been 3 minutes. I know because when I looked at the clock it was 9:27 am and now it's.... Why are you laughing? Is it because you know we're always late? Grab me a snack. But first make me a quick green juice.

A what? No, a tea. That's faster then I can take it in the car. No you can't drive.  Cuz I said so. Grab that purple Mac lip gloss. It's in my purse. On the side.  Why? Because I borrowed it, that's why.

What are you looking for? Ok. I thought it was something else. It's not anything?  It's just us being here, isn't it? It's just this right here because this is all there is. And I won't have to tell you because you'll know it when you feel around for something, spooning the fallen times of humidity and going and freeways and tea and lip primer. Like a penciled outline. Like a swollen under eye which had been so stubborn to be concealed but was so evidently delicate.